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On the shelves — Sept. 14

The following books are available for checkout:

Covis-Carver Public Library

Industrial Machinery Repair by Ricky Smith was given by Dr. James B. Moss in memory of Gary Boney.

This reference guide will help companies reduce costs, eliminate downtime, and increase their bottom line by following maintenance practices that will keep their machinery operating at peak reliability

Delicious! By Ruth Reichl begins as journalist Billie Breslin takes a job with New York’s most iconic food magazine and unexpectedly finds a cache of letters in the office library written during World War II by a 12-year-old girl to the legendary chef James Beard.

It Ain’t Over: Reinventing Your Life and Realizing Your Dreams Anytime, Any Age by Marlo Thomas introduces us to sixty amazing women who are proving that it is never too late to live out a dream, launch a business, travel the world, and rebuild a life after a loss.

Under a Silent Moon by Elizabeth Haynes introduces Detective Chief Inspector Louisa Smith who gathers information on two seemingly separate events — a murder and a suicide — and discovers a shocking link between both cases that sealed the terrible fates of two women one cold night.

Struck by Genius: How a Brain Injury Made Me a Mathematical Marvel by Jason Padgett opens up a whole new dimension for science to explore in the first documented case of acquired savant syndrome in the true story of one man’s struggle to comprehend his sudden genius in the wake of a traumatic assault.

Bittersweet by Miranda Whittemore embroils Mabel Dagmar in a heart wrenching dilemma as she becomes a guest of a wealthy family at their summer estate; but as she becomes an insider, a terrible discovery forces her to choose whether to expose the ugliness beneath the surface or keep the family’s dark secrets and make their world her own.

The Secrets of the Notebook: A True Story by Eve Haas recounts one woman’s unrelenting search for the truth of her past after her father revealed that her great-great grandmother was married to a Prussian prince during the upheaval of the Napoleonic Wars.