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Staying clear of politics getting hard

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You put a frog in water and gradually bring the water to a boil, it will remain. You put a frog in water and heat it right away, it will jump right out.

Metaphoric economics at its best. Water prices jumping at a rate nearly the equivalent of another water payment. Sticker shock due to not planning far enough ahead. The frogs are jumping.

You have to be gradual in what you do so that people can absorb additional debts into their finances. I came from a market where we did the same thing. In Sidney, Montana, the prices skyrocketed because of issues with water. There it was a well-documented issue that everyone knew had to be addressed, and at least there the economy can handle need to happen a bit easier.

I keep saying I do not want to be involved in politics, so it is contradictory for me to be criticizing something that I am trying not to get in the middle of. Public office is a thankless job. I get that.

But ugh.

I have never understood why we are using a rapidly drying up Ute Lake as the only source of water option when 26 miles farther in the other direction there is water in Roswell. And maybe it has been discussed and I’m not privy to that information. Why now on the $27 million treatment plant in Portales when it could have been spread out over time so that us frogs can absorb the heat gradually? To continue the animal metaphors, in behavioral finance, the ostrich effect is defined as the avoidance of apparently risky financial situations by pretending they do not exist. Is this all new, or did we finally have to pull our head out of the sand, and confess that there is not another way out?

Ten dollars per year for three years is much easier to absorb for many people than $30 all at once.

Like I said, I try to stay out of a thankless situation, but between the jail, and the water situations, the frogs are jumping.

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