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Electricity makes life piece of cake

link Sandy Fields

Local columnist

Not in my back yard!

Oops, never mind. It is in my back yard.

I’m talking about the new electrical substation going up right behind the neighborhoods on the east side of town. No way around it. It’s going to be ugly, and it’s going to be in my view.

Yes, life has thrown me some lemons, so it’s time to make the proverbial lemonade.

Whatever would I do without that electricity? My house runs like a dream. Marvelous contraptions wash my dishes and my clothes. Boiling hot water always at the ready, and a machine that continuously pumps out ice cubes. Televisions, radios, coffee makers, lights, fans. I love them all.

Having just celebrated Labor Day, I’m especially mindful that this power keeps the wheels of commerce spinning. Computers and printers, phone chargers and fax machines … they’re indispensable. And in our line of work, we would be completely helpless without table saws, compressors, drills and sanders.

We just take a cord, plug it into the ubiquitous outlet, and that current of energy comes flowing through.

Looking at that substation is a small price to pay.

Our lives are truly a piece of cake.

Something to chew on with that lemonade.

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