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Please, remember to RSVP

link Sandy Fields

Local columnist

To RSVP or not to RSVP? That was the question.

We were sending invitations to a birthday party, and we wanted some idea of how many people would come. But we wanted people to feel free to come at the last minute if their plans changed, even if they had said they wouldn’t come.

And we wanted them to come on over even if they forgot all about the invitation until the last minute, but hadn’t given a response.

You know the dilemma.

I was pondering all this in the middle of the night, when I sometimes ponder things.

And that’s when I tried to call to mind just what those four letters stand for anyway.

I knew it was French, and something about responding. That’s as far as I could go.

First thing the following morning I was on my computer reading up on the subject.

It’s “repondez sil vous plait,” which easily translates “respond please.”

Surely I can remember that from here on out. It’s ridiculously simple.

In my research, I also learned that Emily Post declared it inexcusably rude to not respond to an RSVP. I’ll be keeping that in mind from here on out as well.

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