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Thanks for the memories, blessings

link Christina Calloway

Staff writer

If you’ve taken my call at 8 p.m. because I’m pushing deadline to make sure my story is right, thank you.

If you’ve offered me tea or any form of comfort while I was in your home (even though I’m probably not supposed to take it), thank you.

If you’ve slammed the door in my face because you didn’t want to talk to me, umm, thank you.

I’m not sure you’re aware, but you all have contributed to the long-lasting memories of what was my first job in the field. I’ve had to experience all of those things to be the writer that I am today, and what a place to start a career.

I drove into Portales blind about what to expect, solely motivated by the fact that I’d have a paycheck doing what I actually studied in college and loved.

I had a sense of self that was developed in between graduation and being scared pantless as I was hurled into the tax-paying world. I felt I could make camp anywhere, make friends with anyone and do things how I’m used to doing them, but little did I know that, after almost three years of living on my own in this quaint town, I really now know myself.

I’ve developed my integrity as a writer, my strength as a leader and my vulnerability as a person who makes mistakes. I regret none of it.

So why does this sound like a farewell letter? Well, because it kind of is. I’m leaving Portales, heading west like an 1800s settler, but not before I tell you thank you for everything you’ve helped me become, preparing me for the next steps of my life.

I’ve accepted a new job in the journalism field, but I’m so grateful that my path crossed here. And if any of you ever think I’ll forget this area, just know the local business jingles are well established in my memory. It’s been a blessing.

Christina Calloway has been a reporter for the Portales News-Tribune for nearly three years. She hopes you’ll keep in touch after she leaves. Write her at [email protected]

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