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On the shelves — Aug.17

These books are available at the:

Clovis-Carver Public Library

Make Your Own Medical and Financial Powers of Attorney published by Enodare was given by Diane Burns in memory of Lyle Walker. An excellent resource for those who want to get their affairs in order, this self-help book provides readers with information, documents, and forms that will give them the knowledge and confidence to deal with everyday issues to protect themselves and their families.

A Serpent’s Tooth: A Walt Longmire Mystery by Craig Johnson involves Sheriff Longmire and his friend Henry Standing Bear in the search for a missing woman that sends them on a high plains scavenger hunt ending at the barbed-wire doorstep of a polygamy group that is frighteningly well-armed and very good at keeping secrets.

The Horse Lover: A Cowboy’s Quest to Save the Wild Mustangs by H. Alan Day weaves together the story of a rancher who bought 35,000 acres of land in South Dakota where he trained hundreds of wild horses who taught him indispensable lessons about loyalty, perseverance, and hope.

Blossom Street Bride by Debbie Macomber resumes the story of the tight-knit community that gathers around A Good Yarn, a store where knitters come to buy yarn and patterns, but somehow leave richer in friendship and love.

Viewing the Ancestors: Perceptions of the Anasazi, Mokwic, and Hisatsinom by Robert McPherson combines archaeology with oral traditions of the native people behind the marvelous structures in Mesa Verde, Chaco Canyon, and Canyon de Chelly, and how these provide a clue as to why the ancient Pueblo dwellers may have abandoned the region.

Cavendon Hall by Barbara Taylor Bradford takes place in Edwardian England where two families have lived side by side for centuries, but now find themselves tested in ways they never thought possible as the looming World War challenges their loyalties, and betrayals are set in motion.

I Forgot to Remember: A Memoir of Amnesia by Su Meck presents the true story of a young woman who survived a traumatic brain injury that erased all memories of her life up to that point, leaving her adrift in a house full of strangers and in a world about which she understood almost nothing.

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