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Cannon recognizes dedicated crew chiefs

link U.S. Air Force Photo: Airman 1st Class Chip Slack

U.S. Air Force Senior Master Sgt. Jesse Meno, 20th Aircraft Maintenance Unit maintenance supervisor, addresses newly appointed dedicated crew chiefs on Aug. 4 at Cannon Air Force Base. Meno encouraged the airmen to own every single process of their new responsibility.

27th Special Operations Wing Public Affairs

Before most airmen were starting their day, members of the 3rd and 20th Aircraft Maintenance Units at Cannon Air Force Base were standing proud in formation as the newest dedicated crew chiefs were about to be announced.

As their fellow Air Commandos looked on, each airman was congratulated and presented with a dedicated crew chief certificate and personalized set of chalks in front of their respective aircraft. After each airman was announced, members from both units stepped up to offer words of encouragement and praise to the newly minted crew chiefs.

“The position of dedicated crew chief is not an Air Force specialty,” said Col. David Wiesner, 27th Special Operations Maintenance Group commander. “It is a job description that is reserved only for those maintainers who display the exceptional initiative, management skills and leadership ability that is absolutely necessary to maintain an aircraft in combat-ready status.”

The role of the dedicated crew chief is simple: to have an immense and irrefutable knowledge bank regarding designated aircraft. Simply knowing the aircraft inside and out is not enough; for most crew chiefs, the job entails meticulous attention to detail from start to finish on anything regarding their aerial asset.

“Being selected is a big deal,” said Tech. Sgt. Jack Williams, 27th Special Operations Aircraft Maintenance Squadron lead technician and dedicated crew chief. “You’re more involved with the aircraft and the idea is that you stay with that aircraft wherever it goes.”

With this recognition, comes a greater responsibility, as the newly selected crew chiefs will now be held accountable for flawless expertise.

“A dedicated crew chief’s technical knowledge is always above reproach,” Wiesner said. “They are the ‘go-to’ individual most counted upon to ensure an aircraft’s airworthiness and combat readiness.”

As the recognition ceremony came to an end, Senior Master Sgt. Jesse Meno, 20 AMU maintenance supervisor, left Cannon’s Air Commandos with a personal mission statement regarding their accomplishment.

“That aircraft and everything that happens on it is your responsibility,” Meno said. “It is a big honor that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Own it, own every single process. Not a wrench should be turned or anything happen on that aircraft that you don’t know about. Own your aircraft and own everything about it.”