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Hard not to root for Groot

link Lillian Bowe

Staff writer

So of course I recently saw Marvel’s “Guardians of the Galaxy,” and I loved it.

Being a huge Marvel fan from a small age, I’m always excited to see a new film.

In all honesty, I had never heard of the comic book on which the movie is based, and at first I was hesitant.

How could a movie with a gun-wielding talking raccoon (Rocket) and a sentient tree (Groot) even work? How could audiences relate to these characters?

Well the movie worked and the strongest characters were Groot and Rocket.

I related far more to these two characters than I did Peter Quill, a.k.a. Star Lord. Spoilers ahead.

Rocket is a genetically mutated raccoon and it doesn’t help that people call him vermin.

Rocket was painfully made into the creature he is now.

This is why I love Rocket. He has gone through a painful and horrible ordeal, but he continues to fight. Also he is adorable and hilarious.

Rocket’s best friend/body guard is Groot, whose only lines are “I am Groot.”

However Groot, is an amazingly sweet tree. My favorite scene of Groot is when beggar children mob the Guardians.

Groot, instead of pushing the children aside, grows a flower and gives it to a little girl.

That scene shows how compassionate and beautiful Groot is.

Groot might be beating up people a lot, but it is always to protect Rocket and his friends.

If only more people were as compassionate as Groot and as tough as Rocket.

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