Seniors, don't be too quick to judge


Sandy Fields

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Local columnist

Another school year begins. Today I'll share some thoughts with the high school students who are blessed to be attending school in our small community.

Don't be too quick to determine who has the good looks. There will come a day when you look back at the senior pictures of your classmates, realizing that every young man was amazingly handsome, and every young woman was beautiful beyond compare.

Be nice to everyone. The person you hardly know will someday be your next door neighbor. The shy and quiet girl may give birth to a son that your daughter will marry 25 years from now. You will buy lumber from the cheerleader, and hamburgers from the football player. One of you will become the mayor.

Look around you. Choose five people from totally random groups. Down the road you may very likely sit around a table with this mix, talking about old times, family members, maybe even aches and pains.

You will join together to buy flowers for funerals of those who will pass too soon. You'll understand that you have more in common with one another than you ever dreamed.

Trust me on this. Make the most of this year.

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