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Letter to the editor: Paying it forward a blessing

I work for a convenience store in one of Clovis’ less-pleasant neighborhoods.

On Saturday, I witnessed karma at its best.

A couple came in and their credit card wouldn’t work. The woman was clearly upset. This man behind them paid for their stuff. He told me he believed in karma and that it was the least he could do. Maybe he would have it returned to him.

Later that night, a woman came in clearly upset and wet from rain. I asked her if she were all right. Her boyfriend had dumped her.

I gave her my cigarette lighter and my last couple of cigarettes. She hugged me and seemed so grateful.

On Sunday, I went to get food for my family and the restaurant’s credit card machine was down. I asked if I could run to get cash, but the employee decided to pay for our food instead.

Karma is real and paying it forward is such a blessing. There still are good people in this town.

Heather Manson


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