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Pigs, pigskin and Pepsi — what a morning

link Karl Terry

Local columnist

I met a pig on a walk-around the other day.

He grunted several times but had little else to say. Driven by a young man with his new show stick.

Roadwork before the fair should do the trick.

I’ve started walking again in the mornings and it’s truly amazing what I’ve already experienced in just a few weeks. Besides the jackrabbits I talked about previously it’s been amazing what you see and hear early in the morning at the edge of town.

The show pig was just a street over from me, and if I’d have had a ribbon with me, I would have given that young man a showmanship award.

This last week I could hear the sounds of football practice over at the high school. Whistles tweeting in sharp blasts, coaches barking instructions and players encouraging each other.

I couldn’t see them from where I was, but I could feel their excitement and anticipation of the season.

One day I rounded the corner just in time to see a coyote creeping through the weeds of an open field. At first I wasn’t sure if it was a coyote or a dog, but the way he stopped to check me out before heading down the alley on the next block told me it was a wild creature.

On another road near my house a neighbor had six horses pastured. They were all intently grazing when I came by on my way out. They scarcely looked up at me as I went by. On the way back either someone had appeared at the barn with a feed bucket or something got them excited. All six headed for the corrals at break-neck speed. What a sight.

I have an amazing number of human neighbors that are up and around at 6:30 a.m. One lady is always out watering her flowers and weeding. Other folks are out walking, some with their dogs and some not. A few intrepid souls are out for a run and covered in sweat.

One neighbor appeared at his mailbox as I was returning home one day and greeted me eager to talk and I obliged by stopping.

He thanked me for my column on country stores and we talked a few minutes about stores he remembered. He talked about going to the store for a bottle of pop and how when he was young Pepsi had bested Coca Cola with a larger bottle of pop. He didn’t stop with the story though — he sang the jingle.

“Pepsi Cola hits the spot, 12 full ounces that’s a lot, twice as much for a nickel too, Pepsi Cola is the drink for you.”

Pigs, pigskin and Pepsi — what a morning.

Karl Terry writes for Clovis Media Inc. Contact him at: [email protected]

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