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Letter to the editor: Nation losing compassion for those less fortunate

I fear that as a nation we have lost our way, our caring, our ability to care and provide assistance to those less fortunate and our very soul.

As we sit on the sidelines and absorb the images of children entering our country, we hear terms such as criminals, drug runners and illegal aliens. These terms are used to freeze us to the point of inaction.

Why are we so fearful of these children? I stand for sending the adults and older teens back at the border; however the children need our understanding, our caring and our help.

I cannot believe we are turning our backs on these children. Our supposed leaders are playing a game of one upmanship; to control this discussion while the children continue to have inconceivable needs.

As a nation we encourage and in many cases provide financial assistance to other countries that take in and assist refugees. Jordan is a case in point. It takes in refugees from Iran and Syria and guess who is picking up the tab: We are.

The children at our Southern border are telling their history of abuse and living in fear on a 24-hour basis while having their families torn apart by criminals and drug runners — the very people we imagine crossing our border.

Rape of both sexes is not uncommon. Can you image pregnancy testing your 9 year old daughter, grand-daughter, niece or a relative of your best friend?

And we are still hearing about non-citizens taking jobs from our own; these children are not old enough to take anyone’s job.

We must help.

Eugene Lovato