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Letter to the Editor — Grateful for great people of Clovis, Portales

A few weeks back my wife and I visited the Blackwater Draw Museum and archaeological sites. We pulled in to a Recreational Vehicle park to spend a couple of days in your area.

As we were setting up our RV, we encountered some problems. The next morning we located a welding and repair shop. We pulled in to see if they could make repairs to our camper and they said they could. So we dropped it off and headed out.

As we slowed to turn into the museum, the clutch went out on our truck. What a pickle.

I called the welding shop and an employee found a local tow truck operator who came immediately, picked up our truck and took us and our truck back to town.

We went to a local garage where they immediately took our truck in and diagnosed the problem and ordered parts in overnight.

The tow truck operator gave us free use of his personal truck so we could retrieve our camper. The welding shop made the repairs to our camper and didn’t charge us a dime. The RV park allowed us to stay another night without charge. The auto repair shop charged only a nominal fee for the emergency repairs to our truck.

Some of these wonderful folks made up a big batch of lemonade for us.

We are most grateful to them and the entire community of Clovis-Portales and are telling everyone we know what a great community you have.

Nathan P. and Linda Chance

Kisatchie, Louisiana