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Tornado siren alert sequence changing

Staff report

Clovis’ tornado siren alert may sound different the next time a dangerous storm is in sight.

In a press release Wednesday, city officials said from now on when there is an immediate tornado threat in Clovis the sirens will be activated for three minutes and be turned off for six minutes.

According to the press release, this on/off sequence will continue for the entire warning period.

“The three minutes on/six minutes off sequencing will keep the public notified of any ongoing danger and maintain the efficient use of the siren system,” said Emergency Management Director Dan Heerding.

“The sirens are one part of the warning system and we encourage the public to take the necessary steps to prepare for severe weather events.”

Heerding recommended that every home and business be equipped with a NOAA weather-all hazard radio for indoor alerts.

A public service provided by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, NOAA weather radios issue warnings so the public may take safety measures.

The press release also states that tornado warning sirens will continue to be tested every Wednesday at 4 p.m. for about three minutes. The Emergency Management Department will not test the sirens if it appears there is inclement weather in the area.

Fast facts

What: How to obtain a NOAA radio, how to prepare for a severe weather event, or for more information about the city’s sirens.

Information: Contact the city of Clovis Emergency Management office at 763-9485.