Letter to the Editor — Happy birthday to greatest country


The Mayflower, a ship of 180 tons, set sail from England in 1620. Aboard were 102 souls determined to cross the Atlantic. After 63 stormy days. they landed at Plymouth, Massachusetts.

Before going ashore these first settlers signed a covenant called the “Mayflower Compact” in the belly of the Mayflower ship on Nov. 11, 1620.

America was conceived.

The first winter, 47 out of the 102 had died. Only three families remained unbroken. The children fared best: Of seven daughters, none died; of 13 sons, only three died.

The birth of America came on July 4, 1776, and it cost 4,435 lives before the war with England came to an end. No other country in the world has a birthday like America.

Thomas Jefferson was the author of the “Declaration of Independence.” Gen. George Washington was the hero of the war of independence from England.

Next came the “United States Constitution.” It was ratified on Dec. 7, 1787, by Delaware and went into effect on June 11, 1788, when ratified by New Hampshire.

Happy 238th birthday to the greatest country on earth — America!

Stan White



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