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From the editor's desk: This won’t be a drag

Once upon a time — when $10 worth of gas would get you to school and back for a week, and to the big game on Friday night, with enough left in the tank for Dad to drive to the station and fill ’er up again — Clovis-area teenagers spent Saturday nights driving up and down Main Street.

Gene Porter, now a reasonably responsible adult, wants to go again. And so he’s organized a “dragging-Main” revival for 5 p.m. to midnight on June 28.

“Gearheads, car guys/gals, motorcycle nuts: This event is for you,” he writes on the Dragging Main Facebook page created for the cause.

The event is for “everyone who loves cars, trucks and bikes,” he writes. “No limit to what you bring — street rods, muscle cars, rat rods, low riders, imports, 4x4s, modern muscle and any other vehicle you are wild about is welcome.”

And by no limit, he means whatever’s in your garage.

One “stoked” reminiscer says she will bring her “cherry-red Chevy SUV” with “some banging wheels.”

Another has promised to showcase his 1978 Mustang hatchback, which is “still a work in progress.”

Porter hopes to attract all kinds — first for show, then the dragging of Clovis’ century-old street begins at dusk.

“This is specifically designed for automobile fans to gather and enjoy each others’ rides,” Porter reports.

“What could be better than hundreds of killer cars gathered together in unison to appreciate each others’ creation than lining up to rumble the bricks of Main Street?”

Downtown businesses have vowed to stay open late for the festivities and “PG-rated” 1950s-style pinup girls will be on hand to pose with the rides, Porter said.

And, he claims, even the cops are supporting the rebel revival “as long as we obey the traffic laws (insert mischievous grin here).”

From the Editor’s Desk was compiled by Clovis News Journal Editor David Stevens. Contact him at:

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