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Our People: Passion for helping pets

Wendy Turner loves her job as a secretary at Eastern New Mexico University’s communicative disorders office, but her true passion is rescuing animals.

For years Turner has been rescuing dogs around Portales and trying to give good home to each one.

Turner is hosting a pet microchip clinic at 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. June 22 at the rest stop next to the Blackwater Draw Museum, which will give pet owners microchips implanted for a low price.

“I pick up so many dogs whose owners never come to get them and microchips will help owners keep track of their pets,” Turner said.

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From left, Wendy Turner has a laugh with her sons Clint and Zach. Turner said her dog Zoe, also pictured, is her baby.

Turner, 38, was born in Portales, but lived in California and Arizona before she finally settled in Portales to graduate from Portales High School.

Turner decided to stay in Portales and she has been pursuing her degree in communicative disorders at ENMU. Turner has been seeking her degree for eight years as she has also been raising two sons, Clinton, 21, and Zachary.

“I only take two classes a semester. I need to keep raising money for my sons, but I still want my degree, so I compromised,” Turner said.

Turner’s parents, Mick Hoffman and Linda Hoffman, retired in Portales.

What got you involved in rescuing animals? I started fostering pets for a group that is no longer here. Then I just saw so many stray animals in the street here. I was heartbroken by it and I started to pick up strays. I fully vet all the animals I pick up and get them microchipped. We got plenty of strays here. I can’t drive in Portales without seeing animals on the street.

Since you love to travel, what place do you want to visit the most? Ireland, most definitely. I have always wanted to go there. To go see the green and be around the culture. I have to go there before I die.

What other efforts do you do for the stray or lost animals in Portales? I work with two different organizations, Lap Dog Rescue of New Mexico and Dusty Puddles Dachshund Rescue in Lubbock. I send lap dogs or dachshunds to these two organizations and also foster for the groups too. I also have a Facebook page for lost pets in Clovis and Portales. People can post pictures of pets they lost.

Do you have a favorite place to travel in New Mexico? Carlsbad Caverns. I love it so much. We go almost every year and we are going again this year. It is so beautiful and fun to go to. If I lived in Carlsbad, I would go to the caverns everyday. You can only go through the natural entrance when you go, because it is so much better. Also you get good exercise too.

Since you have a vacation with your parents every year, where are you going this year? This year we are going to Galveston, Texas. I am really excited about it. I love the beach, so I can’t wait to see the beach. It is really beautiful over there and I can’t wait to go.

— Compiled by staff writer Lillian Bowe

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