Regular day became a fairy tale


Sandy Fields

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We specifically went to the ballet recital to see our little great nieces. And if they had been the only two tiny ballerinas twirling in tutus, it would have been a delightful hour. But the grand spectacle of dozens of miniature dancers, satin and tulle, stockings and bows, sequins and lace… oh my. This was entertainment at its finest.

As each sweet dance troupe entered the stage, I enjoyed spotting little girls I recognized. My cousin's daughter, my neighbors' granddaughter, our client's little girl, the child of a childhood friend, along with a sweet sea of beauties whose names I don't know… they danced their precious hearts out.

Some danced more than others. Some suffered from stage fright. But they all drew a thunderous round of applause from the full house for their whirling circles, and greater applause and cheers when they blew their finale kisses.

The darling little ones received floral bouquets when the show came to a close and the cameras flashed over and over again.

I wish all their days could be this enchanting, all their dreams could come true. We witnessed a glorious moment in time. Girls became princesses. A regular day became a fairy tale.

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