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Kimberly Lutnesky, left, talks with the lead teacher, Veronica Ayala, at Eastern New Mexico University’s Kids’ College on Monday at the Family and Consumer Sciences Building. The program started on Monday and will go for eight weeks.

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Kimberly Lutnesky, coordinator of dual enrollment at Eastern New Mexico University, knows the importance of keeping her son Anthony Riccardi, 10, busy in the summer.

That is why Lutnesky has enrolled her son in ENMU’s annual Kids’ College program, which she is also the director.

“We have many activities during the weeks, that will keep them active,” Lutnesky said.

This is Lutnesky’s second summer coordinating the program and second year as dual enrollment coordinator.

Lutnesky is from San Antonio and has been in Portales for four years with her husband Marvin Lutnesky, a biology professor at ENMU.

The program started on Monday and will go for eight weeks. It is available for children ages 6-12.

What are some of the activities the students will do during the Kid’s College?

The activities we do with the kids are some P.E. type activities, swimming, computer lab, science and art projects and some reading activities. We will also have kite flying, field days, and movie days. We have a set routine, but we do try to mix it up. Kids can come to each week’s session and not get bored because the activities will be different for each week.

What is your favorite aspect of the college?

My favorite aspect is that it keeps them active during the summer. My son will be in it for the third year and he would not be active staying at home. We have many activities to keep them busy and moving. They get to go swimming and do other sports. We have academic activities that help them keep some of the skills they learned in school and they have fun.

Why should children be a part of the college?

Kids have a really good time when they come here. Since the program is on campus, many of the kids feel like they are going to college too. They get to feel older and they just love being on the campus. This year we are offering field trips as part of the college too. One day they will go to Casel-Land Park and to the skating rink. That should be a fun time. This year, for the first time we are offering breakfast and it is free. We also offer free lunch and snacks as well.

What are the themes this year?

It is an eight-week program, which the kids are not committed to attend every week, they can pick and choose. We also have a carnival for the end of the program celebration. The first week is Olympics, second is Disney, third is rock n’ roll, four is around the world, five is stars and stripes, six is shark week, seven is dinosaurs and eight is superheroes.

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