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I called my niece to ask her to assist me with decorating for a party.

What do you do when your daughter’s birthday falls on Mother’s Day? That is the question I asked myself a couple of weeks ago when I decided I wanted to throw my little one a party.

Some people would say it is a bit inconsiderate to have a child’s birthday party on a holiday meant for family spending time together. But on the contrary, I decided I’m going to take my own advice and celebrate the day the NiekaStyle way.

Today is the day we celebrate three generations: grandma (my mother), myself and my daughter (birthday girl). How we will do it:

• Birthday cake! Of course the cake portion is all about my little one. Theme birthday cake is a must and decorating must be fit for a fashionieka from edible glitter for the girls and fancy cocktail glasses for the moms. I think setting up a dessert bar is a must.

• Summer dresses for the moms. Maxi dresses come to mind for this occasion. They are fun and airy where you can dash around with the little ones all the while feeling dressed up for the occasion.

• The princess dress. Every great birthday party should definitely have the girls dressed up as their favorite princess or character.

• Mani and pedi. Birthdays and Mother’s day parties are the best reasons to get those nails all dolled up.

There are endless ideas to throwing a multipurpose party. But whatever the theme, the big idea is to enjoy yourself and have a great time. Happy Mother’s Day!

D’Nieka Hartsfield wants to wish Aubri a happy fifth birthday! You can reach D'Nieka at [email protected] or find her on Facebook.


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