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In search of ponies: Pets can be part of holiday

The person who has done more for you than anyone in the world — such was the vision.

And most can agree, from birth forward, the commitment is a pretty big one.

Continuously feeding a squawking shrieking mass of immobile need is a pretty hefty task in and of

Then of course there is the innate lack of control over where the processed food ends up — a seemingly never-ending source of unfathomable messes.

Contained messes are least of these, easy to clean by comparison to the others – and of course there is the bathing that must follow, another of those tasks that can be labor intensive at times.

The immobilized stage doesn’t last forever, a blessing and a curse at the same time because, while it makes things easier when the youngin’ doesn’t have to be carted around, it also means the messes move.

It’s about this time when the fun really begins.

No item sacred, with anything in reach becoming a candidate for chew toys, suddenly life becomes all about patrolling and trying to mitigate not just the damage, but the danger as well since the little ones seem to have no concept of what they are actually doing, much less the potential.

Somewhere in the midst of the illogical and impulsive chaos, the teaching begins.

It starts more as a reactive thing with one-syllable corrections that are usually issued in haste or even panic but it grows into something far more complex as time passes with a greater effort toward long-term purpose — order and safety in the home and world at large.

All along the way, all the tasks and mechanics of the process are partnered with nurturing, love, play and comfort for the painful moments that are sure to be included.

For the woman who began the American Mother’s Day tradition in the early 1900s, a day to honor the work, love and selflessness of mothers was something desperately in need of recognition.

To Anna Jarvis it was as simple as a sentiment and as easy to acknowledge as a sweet note or small token to show gratitude and love.

It’s fair to say the holiday has grown well beyond its simple beginnings but that growth has been about more than commercialization — the definition of “Mother” has also grown well beyond merely being the woman who gives birth to someone.

Mothers are those women who have taken on the challenge of caring for another life, guiding it and nurturing it.

And in some circles, that includes pet parents, a term that is quickly replacing “pet owners” as the popular description of people who share their lives with pets.

Likewise, there are cards and other retail items available by which the pooch and or kitty can acknowledge and thank “Mom” for all she does.

There’s no doubt, pet moms do just about everything traditional moms do. They clean, they feed, they teach, nurture, comfort, doctor, bathe and care for their furry charges in every way.

The one distinction — the furry kids never really grow up, or at least not to the point of becoming independent and moving off on their own. To the contrary, the task of mothering the pets, though it evolves and goes through stages as a pet grows and ages, is one that never really ends.

Of course, the critters can’t really choose thoughtful cards or serve mom breakfast in bed — that will have to come from another appreciative human.

But then again, for pets, every slobbery kiss and wagging backside is a show of gratitude, and to them, every day is Mother’s Day.

Sharna Johnson is a writer who is always searching for ponies. You can reach her at: [email protected] or on the web at: