Plenty to do with visitors in Portales


Sandy Fields

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Local columnist

What a treat to see old friends. We love having out-of-town guests. But what to do for five days? That’s the question.

For starters, we head to The Yam for some old fashioned fiddling from Coby Carter. That got our friends’ toes tapping.

Saturday morning the men were up in the dark to drive to the annual sunrise service and breakfast hosted by Pat Boone. Our friend thought all the pickup trucks from two counties had converged upon the mesa.

Perhaps Sunday morning church followed by a huge family gathering for dinner sums Portales up more than any other event. Naturally we made this part of the vacation.

Monday night we were off to La Escalera Art Guild. The timing could not have been better. My favorite artist, Lawanda Calton, was giving a demonstration.

While here in our little town we dined on delicious steaks, the best milkshakes in the world, Thai, Mexican, and Italian food... it's almost sounding downright cosmopolitan.

Our final night was spent at a gospel singing where we sang with joy and wiped away happy tears at the thought of future heavenly reunions.

What can you do in Portales with traveling visitors? Plenty.

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