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D'Nieka Hartsfield

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Are leisure suits back in style? That was the question from my boss when I brought up the subject of how some of the most popular fashion trends today are inspired from many eras.

I am sure I had an embarrased look on my face because I had to admit that I had no idea what a leisure suit was. I’m supposed to be the fashion-savvy person in the newsrooms, so I should have known this, right? Wrong!

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As soon as he mentioned that John Travolta wore this suit, I giggled because my Saturday Night Fever light bulb went on. I knew these were really popular in the 1970s, according to my mother. She met Dad in the late ’70s but says in the early 80s, he was still wearing them; not only that, she said he even wore the platforms.


My boss said one item he is wishing back into style is the wind suit. I think I replied something like I remember wearing those in the 1990s. This time it was his face that lit up because I think he may be still wearing them on the weekends.

The trends of the 1990s are making a comeback. So nostalgia buffs may get their wish for the wind breakers soon!

I do find it interesting how earlier styles are updated for today. For instance, overalls are back (seems they cycle in every 10 years or so) and the earliest designs now hug the body with the legs tapered at the bottom. I think this version is kind of cute as opposed to the baggy fit of the ’90s.

Another popular trend today is the cropped tees influenced by the ’80s. I love these especially because you’re not seeing much midriff with today’s version. Today’s crop top you may see paired with high-waist pencil skirts or pants. This one I really love.

When I asked a fellow columnist what fashions he would like to see make a comeback. He said, “Skorts!”

In case you don’t know, this a pair of shorts hidden underneath a layer of fabric in the front to look like a skirt. I can’t say I agree with him on this one and I hope he meant that he misses seeing them worn and not wearing them himself.

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