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Democrat leaders make scary masks


Last year, some conservative (“tea party”) groups had a problem getting a tax-exempt status from the Internal Revenue Service.

Perhaps they should change their names to “green” tea party.

When the folks at the IRS see “green” they will immediately think these are some of Obama’s cronies, and grant them tax-free status.

Obama’s latest stimulus to solve economic woes is to raise the minimum wage to $10 per hour. He says this will lift millions of people out of poverty.

If that would work, why not raise everyone’s wage to $100 per hour and make us all rich?

I did have good news during recent holidays.

For Easter I was glad to see my bunny costume still fit. A guy from the National Security Agency came by and said if we couldn’t find all our Easter eggs, they had been spying on us with drones and could tell us where the rest were hidden.

St Patrick’s Day went well, because, of course, everything was green.

At Christmas, my Santa Claus suit still fit but the American Civil Liberties Union said I had to say Ha Ha Ha because Ho Ho Ho might offend some people.

During Halloween, my three-headed monster suit (consisting of Obama, Harry Reid and Eric Holder) was the scariest I could find. The problem was Reid’s and Obama’s noses had grown so much that my scrawny neck wouldn’t support them.

So I tried a Biden mask. It was so dumb it was scary.

Then I tried a Hillary “what difference does it make how many Americans were killed” mask. Even scarier.

I settled on Nancy Pelosi’s “we need to pass Obamacare so we can find out what’s in it.” I think that will be the scariest of all.

Benny Barrow



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