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Pat Cantwell

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In the last two weeks, I have finally been motivated to remove the fall debris from my flower pots and flower beds.

I try to plant perennials because I know they will sprout again every spring. But looking at the dry, hard clumps of dirt, I always have my doubts. But in faith, I watered the dirt and … watered the dirt.

So I was excited when I finally saw the tiny, tiny specks of green appearing in the pots. I watered again, and checked the pots the next day. I was blown away like the tumbleweeds when I saw an inch-tall, perfectly formed, miniature sprout with a leaf.

I cried out to God and said, “Beloved Father, how could you make a perfect leaf in 24 hours? I could never make a leaf even if I had all eternity.”

Then I laughed.

I had just witnessed Resurrection; the Lord had brought life from that seed, using the dead dirt and water and sun.

The DNA in the seed responded automatically to the Lord’s instructions given to it at creation. God said it would automatically reproduce, after its own kind, as long as the earth exists. How much more does God do for man?

God made us in his image and his likeness. We live in his light. We are eternal spirits. We possess the DNA of God. We have his free will and independence.

So, we are not like seeds that automatically reproduce fruit. We have a choice. If we choose to attach to the Vine of Jesus Christ, we are producing much fruit.

Wake up from your winter sleep. Lift your face up to the Son and feel his warmth. Be washed in the water of the word.

Think about it. When we think of resurrection, we just think about what happens after we die. But what if the Lord is trying to get our attention now, through nature?

God is painting a glorious picture for us to see — to see that we, like the flowers, are growing, maturing, becoming more like him every minute, of every day, of every season, especially at the season of Easter.

Resurrection, in Greek, means to stand up again, to rise; in Hebrew it means a trumpet blast, or amazement.

Beloved, God sent his Son to die for you, but first, Jesus gave you his own body, his blood, his Spirit. Receive him, that in the future, you will lie in your grave, unleavened, without sin, and at the appointed time, at the sound of the trumpet, your body will stand up again and you will be with God forever.

Pat Cantwell writes about faith for the Portales News-Tribune. Contact her at:

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