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Treasure hunter seeking historical family gems

link Betty Williamson


I met a genuine treasure hunter recently, and before I could stop myself, I got swept up in her cause.

Emily Elliott, who hails from Pawnee, Oklahoma, is a great-great-niece of George Causey, the legendary buffalo hunter who frequented these parts during the last decades of the 1800s. She’s in search of her famous relative’s story, hoping to capture it in book form.

Her research has already taken her on two fact-finding trips through multiple states, and last week landed her in Portales to pick the brains of local history buffs like Ruth White Burns.

She squeezed in visits to the Portales Public Library genealogy room and the local history portion of ENMU’s Special Collections, and scored a surprise

field trip to the ranch near Kenna where her great-great uncle took his own life in 1903.

Even though Emily has amassed piles of photocopied documents, staggering piles of books, and numerous oral history interviews, she’s still searching for gems that might exist in local barns, attics or memories.

If you have a George Causey story to share, Emily Elliott would love to hear it.

If some piece of George’s history was passed down through your family, she’d love to see it, photograph it, and write about it.

Emily may be reached by email at [email protected] or by cell phone at 918-688-6604.

Betty Williamson hopes one of her readers is sheltering a Causey diamond. You may reach her at:

[email protected]