Windy weather can have positive spin


Sandy Fields

There have been those times I’ve been accused of looking at the world through rose colored shades. Well, I suppose I’ll accept that with glee.

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Recently, I was challenged to put a charming spin on one of our wind-howling March days. Let’s have some fun, shall we, and give it a go. I believe it needs to be in the form of an advertisement.

Have you ever dreamed of heading out west, tracing the steps of the rugged pioneers? It’s time to plan that vacation.

Sign up for our package called “True Grit on the High Plains.” This plan is available throughout the spring months, and in your five-day stay we guarantee firsthand experience with the elements like you’ve never known them.

Get ready for an honest-to-goodness sandstorm with dirt in your teeth, ears and even your fingernails. You’ll take home a video of yourself dodging hundreds of tumbleweeds … a keepsake you’ll treasure always.

You’ll want to dress in layers. We also guarantee temperatures from freezing to 75 degrees during your stay. (Make sure your hat has a chin strap.)

The locals will delight you with their friendly smiles and sneezes as they go about their business.

Y’all come!

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