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D'Nieka Hartsfield

Many of us have heard the notion that a woman should dress for her age. We have been taught that once we reach a certain age we must stop wearing a certain type of clothing and start

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wearing another.

Department stores somehow cater to this idea when labeling sections juniors, misses or women’s when really these sections are primarily based on sizes and body types, not age. But a lot of us think that when we reach a certain age we have to start shopping in another section regardless if our size allows us to shop in various sections.

We contradict ourselves in our ideas of what good fashion is and who should be wearing it. You can read about a new fashion faux pas everyday by a biased fashion blogger or TV critic when personal taste is all that matters anyway.

Every time I meet an older woman who is big on fashion I love to watch her mannerisms. I find that the mature woman of fashion is always so spirited and full of adventure. The fun colors they may dye their hair, or how big they wear it, is so great to see.

Speaking of hair, I have welcomed some grays in hopes they will come out in an even fashion one day. At the moment I have sporadic sprouts in the crown of my head and one single gray that pops up in my eyebrow. I pluck that one out. We shall see what happens. I would love to have a full head of silver hair sooner than later.

Fashion legends like Betsey Johnson or Vivienne Westwood are great examples of mature women who express who they are through style. But you don’t have to be a fashion legend to express your great style. The everyday mature woman should do so as well. Because at the end of the day a woman in her youth looks up to the mature woman.

There is nothing more awe-inspiring than an older woman with style. I have a vision of wearing my 4-inch heels with my walker one day and I am serious about it. I am not sure if I will ever let my heels go. The mature woman should never utter the words “in my day I used to wear” because even today she dares to be her fashionable self.

D’Nieka Hartsfield writes for CMI Inc. Contact her at [email protected] or find her on Facebook.


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