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We can't wait for spring


Sandy Fields

Surely she knows. In her short life she’s only had the joy of experiencing two summers, but she must have the memory of those days in the sunshine. I can tell by the way she leaps with

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excitement when I pick up my watering can and she follows me to the flower beds.

In the beautiful and unseasonably warm days of February, she found her favorite old napping spot in the honeysuckle hedge, saving her pillow and flannel sheet in the garage only for the nighttime.

Every day after I get the mail, she implores me to sit awhile on the porch until we both get a bit too chilly and decide we’d better get back inside.

That beautiful black feline baby of mine. She can feel it coming. Just a few more days, then she and I will spend hours in the yard together.

I’m ready for it too, Peloton. And if I could, I’d race out to the willow tree and scurry up into the branches just like you. It’s an adorable little show you’re putting on lately. You know spring is on the way, and you obviously can’t wait.

Soon, my sweet little gardening companion. Soon.

Sandy keeps an online journal at her website E-mail her at [email protected]


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