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What does your hair say about you?


D'Nieka Hartsfield

It seems like an increasing number of women are taking more risk with their hair. For instance, the trend-setting buzz cut on one side of the head with long flowing locks on the other.

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Yeah, we all have seen it. Not a good look for anyone out of their 20s.

Not only are they taking risk with their hair; a lot more women are changing it more often.

I watch a reality TV show in which a character changes her hair like she’s changing out hats. In almost every scene she will have a new hairdo.

But being a reality show, this could be an editing blunder.

Then there are some women who are more comfortable with their usual styling and/or coloring they’ve had for years. My comfort is keeping it as natural looking as possible.

I have had many hairstyles, but I haven’t been as risky with color.

I remember a time when women weren’t as open about wearing hair extensions as they are now. When dying their hair they would be sure to keep their roots touched up to pass it off as their natural color.

But now women are proud to announce they’ve gotten an awesome weave or color and not afraid to talk about it and share the experience. I could not agree more with this because the way you choose to wear your hair is just as significant in defining your fashion sense as clothing or shoes are.

Hair is a really great conversation peace, too.

For everyday looks, we are seeing anything from blue, green or purple color treated hair to bold boy cuts, wigs, clip-ins, and the list goes on. No one seems to take a second look anymore.

Speaking of wigs, the use of them are more on demand and have become a lot more popular. The women who are wearing them are getting younger and younger it seems.

You have pop artists like Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga who wear them faithfully and somehow it just looks cool.

Do they need to wear wigs? No. Do they not only save damage to their own hair but look good wearing them? Yes.

If you’re not a popstar, then of course you can’t pull off Lady Gaga hair on the daily without your co-workers thinking you’re having a nervous breakdown. But if you get tired of your hairdo, change it and change it again.

It’s OK.

D’Nieka Hartsfield likes to change her hair every six months to a year. Contact her at dhartsfield or find her on Facebook.


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