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Inspired search turned up movie gold mine


Alisa Boswell

A conversation I had at work recently about 1950s and 1960s movies inspired me to do a search on YouTube regarding certain genres from that era.

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What I found was a gold mine of full-length movies ranging from the late 1930s to the early 1960s and titled play lists, such as the Mystery Murder Suspense 1950-1959 play list, which includes movies a little over an hour long with exciting titles like “Woman on the Run.”

As I’ve mentioned before, I was raised on Star Trek, so another intriguing find for me was a 1962 William Shatner movie called “The Intruder” in which Shatner apparently plays a racist. had the following to say about the synopsis:

“A man in a gleaming white suit comes to a small southern town on the eve of integration. He calls himself a ‘social reformer.’ But what he does is stir up trouble—trouble he soon finds he can't control.”

I also discovered a 1939 film called Love Affair, which apparently the famous 1957 film, “An Affair to Remember” with Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr, is a remake of.

Another intriguing find was a video called “IMDb’s Top 50 Films of the 1950s,” which is roughly an hour and 15 minutes long. I’m guessing it only entails a scene from each movie but I think it might be a fun watch anyway.

Alisa Boswell loves movies and literature and writes for the Portales News-Tribune. Contact her at [email protected] or 356-4481 or on Facebook at Cmi staff-Alisa Boswell.


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