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Education clock needs turning back — Letter to the editor


The decline of public education has continued along the parallel lines of the removal of prayer, discipline, quality-core subjects that instill self-discipline (arts, science, social studies and vocational classes), work ethics, honesty and trust.

Public schools have allowed the almighty dollar and politics to dictate education quality and a well-rounded education curriculum. The irony of the decline has been perpetuated by weakening the overall curriculum through emphasis on one or two academic areas deemed vital to the economy instead of the whole child.

Public education administrators have bought into a great deal of rhetoric that has decreased necessary practical experiences vital to educational quality.

Administrators have turned their heads to true applications, which have proven to be successful over the years such as hard work and homework. Instead, administrators are too busy trying to please politicians and incompetent policy-makers who do not have the knowledge required to implement proper educational foundations.

New Mexico schools have become a prime example of declining schools upon the implementation of an education secretary whose position was a political appointment.

Appointing an individual who does not have skills and knowledge required for providing quality education is senseless. It is beyond the scope of education practitioners to work in a chaotic educational environment with unprecedented rules, regulations and policies that increase the confusion in the school settings.

Teachers have more than enough to deal with trying to teach students without worrying about fulfilling political agendas for bureaucrats.

Education needs to turn back to the times when hard work and honesty were the highest elements in attaining and retaining required curriculum. Many schools have tried to stack their education results through untrustworthy means and by cheating or having political ties and not the merits of true achievement.

Joseph V. Green



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