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Under the rader, with a few yells


Ned Cantwell

Political blogger Joe Monahan looked to the heavens shortly after the beginning of the legislative session and said, “Thank you, Lord.”

Majority Leader Michael Sanchez had just taken to the Senate floor and blasted Monahan, not by name, for sure, but in words that left no doubt who he was talking about. Joe had nagged and nagged on Sanchez and the Demo power broker finally took the bait.

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Senator, will you harbor a word of advice? IGNORE HIM! Guaranteed, the best way to break a pundit’s heart is to pretend you don’t know he exists. Joe Who?

Some journalists — and I am not saying Joe is among them — rant and rave not to inform and enlighten, but simply to draw attention to themselves. It is a deplorable practice.

After Sanchez ripped him, Monahan predictably basked in the limelight with his next day’s blog. It was a rambling diatribe about the deplorable state of New Mexico’s economy, which Joe traces to the Martinez administration. Joe also dwells on Democrat Senators like Sanchez and John Arthur Smith who are not progressive enough for the blogger’s taste.

Monahan plays this broken record in his blog over and over and over. Joe, may I say on behalf of the state’s reading population? GET OVER IT!

There’s plenty more to talk about in New Mexico. Let’s start with Linda Lopez. The head of the Senate Rules Committee sits on her duff and refuses to hold confirmation hearings for Gov. Martinez appointees. Get this. There are 133 people awaiting confirmation, and not just high profile personalities such as Public Education Secretary Hanna Skandera.

Sen. Lopez is playing politics at the lowest level, people! We say to her, Sen. Lopez, DO YOUR JOB!

I’m sorry, Gov. Martinez, but this state fair deal stinks to high heaven. The whole “Buster Screwed Us” mess has New Mexico scratching her head about behind-the-scene maneuvering that rushed through a 25-year contract for the Downs at Albuquerque. Bill Richardson never had any of these shady deals. So governor, WHAT’S THE TRUTH?

Now comes a real smart idea! Sen. Gerald Ortiz y Pino wants to make New Mexico a marijuana state. Sure. We’ll all waltz down to our corner convenience store, pump a little gas, maybe pick up a loaf of bread and a six-pack, and buy a little dope.

Here is a state where jobs are hard to get, schools have big-time problems, water is scarce, so, well, we will all just get high. Senator, WHAT ARE YOU SMOKING!

How about this Sam Bregman guy? He is the head of the state Democratic party and I really don’t know a thing about him, but Sam, I JUST DON’T LIKE YOU!

Speaking of Sen. John Arthur Smith, Joe Monahan is right on target when he says this powerful Demo is an obstructionist. The Early Childhood initiative would be an important step forward for New Mexico. Sen. Smith, let the people vote on tapping the Land Grant Fund. WHOSE SIDE ARE YOU ON?

Do you ever read Leslie Linthicum? She’s an Upfront columnist for the Albuquerque Journal. You would think there would be plenty of things to write about in Albuquerque but, no, Leslie prances around the state, climbing a mountain here, writing a human interest story there. A little advice for my colleague? LESLIE, STAY HOME!

That’s all I have for today except this warning: I like to fly under the radar so if any of the people mentioned above use my name — and by “name” I mean N-E-D C-A-N-T-W-E-L-L, I will be really, really mad. That includes you, Joe Monahan! You too, Leslie!

The columnist who wishes he were anonymous can be contacted at [email protected]


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