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Letters to the Editor - April 17


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Progress on road work like watching grass grow

The children of Israel wandered in the wilderness 40 years seeking the promised land.

It appears Roosevelt County may exceed that record in completing work on North Avenue O.

Two weeks indeed!

Charlie Sorgen


Adult-language show must not be accepted silently

"What's shocking is that nothing shocks us anymore!"

This alleged quote (perhaps a bit paraphrased) from many years ago, attributed to Lucille Ball, comes to mind after Thursday night's performance of Second City's comedians. They took to the stage of Marshall Auditorium.

Hardly 10 minutes into the performance by some bright, talented young adults, an enunciated F bomb was dropped.

Then before the intermission, during a skit based on instructing the Clovis student band, it was dropped again — loudly pronounced.

At that point my wife and I walked out.

Was this performance rated, at least for its language? Were children present?

One word the F bomb surely has replaced is "decency."

The shock is gone as we "tolerate" indecency in our entertainment and culture. And we wonder why the populace (both young and old) has degenerated to the point it has.

I can only hope that many who witnessed this performance would express their outrage (if not, at least, their objection), through this newspaper, to the Clovis Community College Cultural Arts Committee.

The lack of such "voice" will only encourage more contempt for that stuffy old concept called decency.

Scott R. Blazek



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