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Letters to the Editor - Nov. 21


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Conservatives lost election, not minds

A comment on David Kilby's letter last week regarding climate change:

Kilby sorely misrepresented the issue at hand.

The guy probably still sports a Gore-Lieberman bumper sticker on his electric car.

The controversy over climate change isn't whether or not it exists, but rather the ridiculous, arrogant claim that it is caused by man.

The Earth has been experiencing cycles of climate change since its beginning. In fact, we experienced almost exactly the same scenario as today in the 1950s.

The difference between then and now is the world and the government at that time were not inundated with environmentalist wackos brandishing end-of-mankind narratives about it and dictating economy-destroying mandates and regulations.

The absurd notion that humans are either capable of causing or "fixing" climate change is just that.

So, fear not, my fellow earthlings. The next time you are driving your full-size SUV or pickup full of fabulous fossil fuel in the latest dust storm that's blowing through, remember — this, too, shall pass.

As to Kilby's comparison between the election and climate change: We conservatives may have lost the election, but we haven't lost our minds.

Glenda Bly Farwell

Also regarding Kilby's letter:

I don't think any intelligent human being refutes climate change or global warming. Nobody denies that the Ice Age occurred. The planet has cycled through numerous climate changes in its existence.

I think the question is whether man or man's activities — a drop in the bucket in Earth's lifetime — contributes to or causes a climate change.

Even if it does, should occupants of the United States be subjected to policies and regulations that inhibit businesses and negatively impact the economy in the name of preventing global warming?

We are only one part of the world and unless regulations are world wide — driven by accurate and non political scientific fact — we are just one cog in the wheel and in my opinion the climate won't change to any great extent.

I agree with Kilby on the stupidity of coming to a conclusion based on the spin of the right- or left-slanted news media.

Everyone seems to have his own agenda.

I think it is smart to absorb facts, not spins, and make up ones own mind.

Karl D. Spence Clovis


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