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Letters to the editor: Spears will not compromise values


Angie Spears is an independent, honest woman with strong Christian, family values. That's why I support her personally.

But I also support her candidacy professionally, as the district attorney, because she comprehends the dangers of the law that allows illegal immigrants the right to a New Mexico driver's license. She will fight to repeal it.

She pledges not to compromise with liberal legislators on this issue, and understands it must be repealed — period.

She will be a public official we can all be proud to call our own.

Matt Chandler


Spears best choice for Senate

Angie Spears is the best choice for the state Senate in District 7.

She is honest, ethical, intelligent, hard working and committed to everything she does.

Spears is an advocate for families and children. As a former prosecutor, I have seen her appear in court on behalf of parents and kids facing difficulties.

I know how well-respected she is by her colleagues and by the 500 people she supervises at Team-builders, where she is clinical director.

Spears has experience we need in the New Mex-ico Senate. As a former legislative analyst, she helped Republicans pass good laws and weed out the bad. She knows the law allowing illegal immigrants to get a New Mexico driver's license puts out a welcome sign to criminals from all over the world to come to New Mexico to skirt U.S. immigration laws. She knows this is a national security risk and will fight to end this law.

Spears is endorsed by Susana Martinez — the best governor New Mexico has had in my lifetime. Martinez sees in Spears a fighter who will help her undo the damage that 60 years of one-party rule has done to this state.

Fred Van Soelen


Spears brings new perspective

The leadership of New Mexico has long been a closed club of largely men of advanced age, little imagination and a propensity to legislate to the detriment of the state's citizens.

It is past time for a young person with a young family to assume a leadership position at the state level; a person who is very close to what it really means to raise children in a safe environment because she has young children; who has a vision for the future of the state rather than a vested interest in its past and a fond remembrance of the good old days with the good old boys.

It is time for Angie Spears.

Donna Labatt


Spears has courage to run

I am a mother of three and a grandmother of five.

I take offense to implications I've heard that Angie Spears is a bad mother because she has chosen to run for public office. I think it is courageous for anyone to step out on faith and run.

I applaud Pat Woods and Spears for putting themselves out there.

I've heard sentiment that Spears is not fit to be a senator because she needs to be home with her kids. I am infuriated that the same measure of home involvement is not held when electing a man.

Spears and her husband Kevin are loving parents who have courageously come to this election with their eyes open.

Angie Spears feels strongly that her children deserve a better education, and a safe community. That is why she has decided to become a state senator.

I tell my daughters and granddaughters: "When you grow up, you can be anything you want to make a difference in the world." I'm proud of Angie Spears for trying.

Jane Miner



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