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By CNJ Staff 

Police blotter — March 14


Here are police, sheriff and fire call logs from Monday through 11 a.m. Tuesday:

• 12:45 a.m.: Caller reported a group of teenagers causing problem in the playground, 4300 block of Lew Wallace Drive.

• 12:49 a.m.: Caller reported an unknown male kicked in his door and walked away, 800 block of Beta.

• 2:07 a.m.: Caller reported pit bulls barking all day and night, 800 block of East Fifth.

• 2:32 a.m.: Caller reported a sound coming from yard of Clovis Concrete. There have been multiple trespasses and thefts from this company in the past, 100 block of North Norris.

• 3:39 a.m.: Caller reported she was taken to the emergency room by ambulance and needs a ride home, 2100 block of North MLK.

• 3:47 a.m.: Caller reported burglary to a car; saw four males leaving the scene on foot, 1400 block of South Prince.

• 4:03 a.m.: Caller reported dog has been barking all night, 2700 block of Fred Daugherty.

• 5:22 a.m.: Burglary alarm sounded at Central Baptist Church, 2500 block of North Norris.

• 6:48 a.m.: Caller reported domestic violence in progress in motel room next to him; husband physically beating his wife, 1500 block of Mabry Drive.

• 7:05 a.m.: Call in reference to forged checks, police station.

• 8:19 a.m.: Caller reported items missing from his truck, 2000 block of East Hammet.

• 8:25 a.m.: Caller reported his car was broken into during the night, 3400 block of Mabry Drive.

• 8:37 a.m.: Caller reported burglary to business, 500 block of North Prince.

• 9:27 a.m.: Caller reported blood all over her driveway and sidewalk; does not know where it came from, 1600 block of Sheldon.

• 9:38 a.m.: Caller reported theft to a U-Haul vehicle, 100 block of North Prince.

• 10:07 a.m.: Caller reported an unknown man in a woman’s house, 600 block of West Yucca.

• 10:08 a.m.: Caller believes she is the victim of a telephone scam and requests to speak to officer, 1500 block of Lyons.

• 10:11a.m.: Call in reference to a man who lost his trailer and bumper and it’s in the road, Norris and Brady.

• 10:21 a.m. Caller reported burglary to her car, 200 block of Schepps Boulevard.

• 10:50 a.m.: Call in reference to doorbell ringing and running and truck shot with paintballs, police station.

• 11:04 a.m.: Abandoned vehicle reported, Eighth and Maple.

• 11:10 a.m.: Caller reported that he was battered by a woman, 1400 block of West Ninth.

• 11:11 a.m.: Caller reported that his truck was shot by paintball on Linkwood, police station.

• 11:29 a.m.: Caller states his vehicle was backed into, 3100 West Seventh.

• 11:35 a.m.: Caller requests to speak to officer to inquire about making report on behalf of his daughter, police station.

• 12:29 p.m.: Caller reported she was pinched, slapped and thrown by her grandmother, 1400 block of South Prince.

• 1:21 p.m.: Caller requests to speak to officer about a drug problem in the neighborhood, police station.

• 1:26 p.m.: Caller reported that Subway business received two counterfeit $20 bills, 3700 block of North Prince.

• 1:34 p.m.: Caller reported her neighbor dug a hole on her property and took the dirt, 700 block of Hondo.

• 1:44 p.m.: Caller reported her ex-boyfriend was rummaging in the back of her home, 2800 block of Holmberg.

• 2:09 p.m.: Caller reported two children ages about 2 and 13 months walking around alone, one wearing only a diaper and the other wearing a t-shirt and diaper, 300 block of West Yucca.

• 3:13 p.m.: Caller has questions about laws regarding theft, police station.

• 3:24 p.m.: Caller left his vehicle unlocked with keys in it, keys were missing the next day, 100 block of Lockwood.

• 4:04 p.m.: Call in reference to broken glass on 21st Street, 21st and Prince.

• 4:05 p.m.: Caller reported his vehicle battery was stolen and is now at a business in the 500 block of South Prince.

• 4:16 p.m.: Gas drive off reported, 2900 block of Mabry Drive.

• 4:37 p.m.: Caller reported that someone tried to break into her daughter’s home, 1600 block of East Fifth.

• 5:02 p.m.: Call in reference to loud music and bass coming from small car, 2100 block of North Main.

• 5:22 p.m.: Caller reported she was walking with her 5-year-old child and a loose aggressive rottweiler went after them, 4500 block of Sandstone.

• 5:37 p.m.: Caller reported her husband took her phone and has been screaming; he has her two small children, 100 block of Fireball.

• 6:21 p.m.: Call in reference to two pitbulls and a white shepherd being aggressive, 800 block of Ross.

• 6:42 p.m.: Call in reference to an abandoned vehicle, 2000 block of Echols.

• 6:47 p.m.: Call in reference to two males riding bikes in business parking lot looking into vehicles and trying to sell something out of a bag, 3700 block of North Prince.

• 7:14 p.m.: Caller reported she is trying to leave residence but male is arguing with her, 700 block of North Prince.

• 7:20 p.m.: Call in reference to black dog that was hit by vehicle, 1200 block of North Main.

• 8:26 p.m.: Caller reported juveniles trespassed on property, 1900 block of Cameo.

• 8:31 p.m.: Call in reference to people fighting; female screaming hysterically, 10th and Connelly.

• 8:42 p.m.: Call in reference to vehicle theft report, 400 block of Heaslet.

• 8:50 p.m.: Call in reference to minor vehicle accident, 900 block of Rencher.

• 8:50 p.m.: Caller reported that someone is in her house, 100 block of Tucker.

• 9:19 p.m.: Caller reported a domestic between him and his wife, 1400 block of Gidding.

• 9:21 p.m.: Caller reported a large white dog is running loose in the trailer park and trying to bite people, 500 block of Dawn Loop.

• 9:24 p.m.: Gas drive off reported, 1400 block of North Norris.

• 9:31 p.m.: Caller reported two vehicles were casing the house or stalking the caller.

• 10:13 p.m.: Call in reference to motel guest being loud, yelling and cussing, 2900 Mabry Drive.

• 10:27 p.m.: Caller reported two males following her daughter in a white Suburban and harassing her, 2800 Lore.

• 10:51 p.m.: Call in reference to son keeping mother out of house because she is threatening to hurt her herself, 600 block of West 19th.

• 11:05 p.m.: Caller reported hearing noises in the backyard, 1000 block of Cypress.

• 11:15 p.m.: Caller reported a person breaking glass and could see him prowling, 300 block of Ewing.

• 11:23 p.m.: Caller reported hearing someone in her backyard, 1100 block of South Lea.

• 12:12 a.m.: Caller reported people fighting across the street, 1200 block of Pecos.

• 12:21 a.m.: Call in reference to several people possibly three to four people breaking into cars, 300 block of West Yucca.

• 12:22 a.m.: Caller reported having a domestic dispute with her boyfriend; knifes are there, 1800 block of Mabry.

• 12:41 a.m.: Call in response to 70-year-old male found unresponsive, 1200 block of North Norris.

• 1:04 a.m.: Call in reference to female feeling flushed, 2900 block of North Ross.

• 1:20 a.m.: Call in reference to 53-year-old female who fell five times, 300 block of East Ninth.

• 1:43 a.m.: 50-year-old male having chest pain and shortness of breath, 1700 block of Laura Lane.

• 2:07 a.m.: Call in reference to a pregnant woman having contractions while walking to a convenience store, Grand and Prince.

• 3:55 a.m.: Caller reported a 15-year-old female is having a seizure after taking a whole bottle of blood pressure pills.

• 4:50 a.m.: Call in reference to 57-year-old male having seizures, 600 block of North Lea.

• 11:20 a.m.: Caller reported patient with suicidal thoughts, 1500 block of West 13th.

— Compiled by CNJ staff writer Benna Sayyed


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