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Press release: City of Portales supports low altitude training area

During the regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday, December 7, 2010, the Portales City Council

adopted a resolution of support for the establishment of a Low Altitude Tactical Navigation

(LATN) area in New Mexico and Colorado. The United States Air Force is proposing a LATN

area of 94,000 square miles in northern New Mexico and southern Colorado to provide training

for Air Force Special Operation Forces located at Cannon Air Force Base in Curry County, New

Mexico. The frequency of the flights over any particular area would be insignificant. The United

States Air Force is requesting input from the public and interested government and

nongovernmental entities regarding its intent to prepare an Environmental Assessment to evaluate

the potential environmental consequences of establishing a LATN area in New Mexico and

southern Colorado. The LATN will not restrict the future development of wind energy within

Portales, Roosevelt County, Curry County and the surrounding area. The City of Portales

supports the operations of the United States Air Force and Cannon Air Force Base.

For more information, please contact the City of Portales at 575-356-6662 ext. 1024.