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My turn: Long-time hunter offers advice

Clarence Plank

Rod McDermid, 61, of Portales, has been hunting most of his life. He offers people who want to become hunters a little advice when it comes to getting their first kill.

• Head to class: McDermid said the most important thing is attending and passing a certified hunter’s education class because this will help with learning gun and hunting safety. It is especially helpful for children wanting to learn about hunting.

• Start out small: Starting out hunting small game, such as rabbits, birds and others will help a novice hunter gain experience and build their self-confidence. McDermid said if they are lucky they might be able to draw a deer or elk license their first time out and can work their way up from there.

• Younger hunters need to go with experienced hunters: McDermid said young hunters can learn a lot from an experienced hunter and how to track game.

• Variety is the spice of life: McDermid said hunters should try to visit other states or countries when they hunt. Examples: British Columbia and Alaska for an exciting hunting experience.

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