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Horseman to demonstrate techniques to resolve behavior issues

Horseman Dennis Reis will be working with Clovis horse owners and enthusiasts this weekend during a three-day clinic at the Curry County Events Center.

Reis hosts the show “Dennis Reis Universal Horsemanship” on RFD-TV and is recognized for his “uncanny ability to communicate with horses,” according to a press release.

While in Clovis, Reis will work with horses and their owners, demonstrating techniques and resolving issues.

Reis is known for his ability to work with troubled horses, resolving issues such as biting, kicking, bucking and more, the release said.

Events Center Manager Kevin Jolley said Reis will be working with about 20 riders per day and will demonstrate his techniques with a locally owned “problem colt.”

Referred to as “The Horse Whisperer,” Reis’ stop in Clovis was a “last-minute” add-on as he conducts his 2010 “No Dust Tour,” Jolley said.

Horse and rider class slots have been filled, Jolley said, but the public is invited to observe and audit the classes free of charge Saturday and Sunday.

Classes are scheduled to take place between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m.

A Friday class being held by Reis is reserved for members of his “No Dust Club” and is closed to the public.

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