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Military mama: Holiday shopping with you in mind

The holidays make me acutely aware of all the special people in my life, even those that have moved to other bases or are back in my hometown. All of those mental associations that are normally tucked nicely in my subconscious spill over as I scour the aisles for presents.

When I shop, I hunt. Online and in stores I scour for a bargain. I have to get a deal. This is my system for items actually on my list, but then there are those pesky superfluous purchases that just call my name.

Already I have a full blown case of holiday hysteria, and it’s not even crunch time yet.

I’m trying very hard to ignore them this year, but look: Elvis! Sara, my roommate from college, would love that. And Mickey Mouse: That would be perfect for the Johnson’s (my high school hang out.) My brother-in-law has an awesome cuff link collection, I should add to it. Check out that yarn! Yes, I said yarn, my knitting-skilled friends would love that texture...

I’m not sure if I ever actually gave gifts to these people when they were in close proximity, but they are in my thoughts as I poke about town and browse the Internet this year.

Everyone always says, “It’s the thought that counts.” Well, I can truly say that I think of just about everyone I know as I’m on the prowl for gifts.

This year, the budget fairy is doing her duty keeping me on alert for those non-essential items. I’ve been listening much better, so far. But I am still often tempted.

I finally came up with a solution that keeps my bank account happy, which in turn keeps my hubby happy as well. I still spend a great deal of time shopping online. When something fits the bill for what I apparently can’t live without — or that I simply have to buy for so and so — I go ahead and click that button. Ah, add to cart. Ooh we’re so close!

Then, the second most important step: Back away from the keyboard.

I close the window and move on to the next website. I give it a day or two to simmer. I think on it. Then, more than likely, I forget it. The next time I go back to that particular website and head to make a purchase I am able to review what I stuck in the cart in the first place. Does it still seem like the best buy? Is it out of stock? Has the price changed? Well, then it just wasn’t meant to be!

I’d better get back to my deal tracking, but for now: Happy shopping to all, and to all a good night!

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