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Letter to the editor: Job raises should be last priority

Job raises should be last priority

Regarding last month’s CNJ article “Texico school boss gets a raise:”

Superintendent R. L. Richards was given an annual pay raise of $26,000. His yearly salary went from $112,700 to $138, 700 plus benefits. His contract was not due to expire until June 2012 yet this salary increase started July 2010 and will continue until June 2013.

Regarding the Nov. 7 CNJ article “Educators look to cope with budget cuts.”

Didn’t the Texico school board anticipate another shortfall? Why was a 23 percent pay raise given to the superintendent?

How can the school system afford such a large wage increase when they are in a budget shortfall situation? You cannot spend yourself out of debt.

Why do government employee salaries exceed the private sector pay in comparable occupations? This does not take into account the benefits of health care, vacations, transportation, pensions, sick leave and the list goes on and on. USA Today reported federal government employees’ benefits average $41,000 per person, compared to $10,000 for those in the private sector.

I am taxed to the max and sick of it.

Each one of us are accountable — now and in the future.

A simple direct question: Why?

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