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Holiday time for charity

Clyde Davis

Before really getting into this column, I need to make a disclaimer.

Either by typographical or some other error, I left readers of this column last week with the impression that my Facebook Veterans’ Day posting was not favorably received. The line should have read “many comments were positive.”

Okay. Wonderful things to do in preparation for the holidays.

• Volunteer some time during Thanksgiving at a place taking care of those who are less fortunate than you are. After a certain age, this is even a positive experience for children.

• Make sure that you participate in one of the many opportunities to collect and redistribute presents, particularly toys, to families, especially those with children, who would otherwise be facing a bleak holiday.

• Name a star after a loved one — no, make an offering to a worthwhile charity. We have all heard that “name a star” commercial, and I can’t help but think that my significant other would howl in derision if I named a star after her.

On the other hand, a donation to her church, the Wilderness Alliance, or some other cause of compassion would delight her.

• Take a child to see “The Nutcracker” for the first time. This is on my mind because we will very likely be doing just that, as Mikayla is the kind of child who will be entranced by the entire event.

• Go to that neighborhood in Amarillo where they all light up their yards so beautifully. I would not try this too soon after Thanksgiving; give them some time to get set up. No, I do not know the name of the neighborhood, but email me and I can tell you how to get there.

• Take a child or two to Holland’s (Lubbock) to see that particular nursery’s plethora of magically decorated trees.

• Make a trip to Santa Fe and acquaint yourself with one of the Spanish Colonial Christmas events.

• Pay attention to the local events, meaning the Clovis and Portales events, as revealed in these newspapers. This week before Thanksgiving marks the start of a good many yearly gatherings to touch our hearts and spirits.

• Be aware of what your church is doing for Advent, which begins the Sunday after Thanksgiving. If you do not have a church home, this is a good season to consider adopting one.

• Above all, remember that Black Friday is not the be all and end all of the season. Decorate your house. Watch football till you get tired of it.

Make creative dishes from left over turkey. Walk in the woods. Go hunting. Make a wreath. Burn a fire in your fireplace. I’ll probably be doing all of the above.