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Letter to the editor: Term limits long overdue in U.S.

As I write this, FOX News is conducting a chat concerning term limits for our leaders in Washington. One might expect such a discussion following an election.

I think term limits is a long overdue process in our American political system. I’ve always wondered how Congress was able to slip in a law limiting the president to two terms and left the field wide open for themselves to remain in office as long as they can win an election. The only thing democratic about that is the election.

If the American people wanted lifetime politicians I’m sure they would find a way to change our system from what it is to a monarchy. Isn’t it strange how seldom we see the kings and queens of different nations dominating the news media as compared to our politicians?

I venture to say that our people in Washington work their hardest preparing themselves to look their best for the next photo op/interview. Some of them fail miserably in making themselves look presentable. They’re the ones who can don a million dollar suit, be trimmed to the hilt and still look like bums.

While on the subject of what should be and what shouldn’t be, I also think the practice of awarding themselves pay raises should be abolished and make the matter a ballot issue for the people to vote on. Just where do they get off trying to pull the wool over the eyes of Americans?

When they’re confronted with this subject, they’re likely to say something like, “it’s the law.” All well and good, but who passed that law?

Social Security recipients and military retirees go without their meager pay raises while millions of people are unemployed, not to mention the budget deficit, and these people get to write their own pay checks? There is definitely something wrong with that picture.