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Volunteers teach tips at fishing clinic

Clarence Plank

Children and adults learned from volunteers and state park rangers about water safety, how to make fishing lures and tying knots Saturday at Oasis State Park.

The 20th annual Kid’s Fishing Clinic aimed to help children learn or build on their angling skills.

Shawn Rejino of Muleshoe said he likes the classes because they help reinforce what he has already taught his kids.

“It helps them with conservation and stuff like that because we always come out here with the cub scouts and boy scouts,” Rejino said. “We bring the boys out here every year to help instill what we teach them.”

Rejino said he learned how to use a fly fishing rod and fillet a fish during the clinic.

Approximately 110 parents and children attended the clinic.

Stations were set up around the pond, teaching participants how to fillet a fish, how to identify fish and about fishing ethics.

The remaining classes were about fishing equipment, tying knots, water safety and making fishing lures.

“You can use what you learn and teach it to others,” Nathan Rejino, 13, said about the clinic. “I (will) teach my brother some things he might not have known. The clinic has been a lot of fun and I know most of the stuff they have been teaching us, but it helps.”

The Friends of Oasis State Park President Hershel Parker said the clinic is to teach children how to bait hooks, change lines and tie lures.

“We come out here and help with doing the volunteer work,” Parker said about one of the many things the Friends have been doing at the clinic. “We serve hot dogs and the food that the Retired Senior Volunteers Program from Community Services Center prepares for this.”