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Military mama: Must make effort to get out more

This may surprise you, but I am quite a homebody. So much so that a more accurate term would probably be hermit. I have settled on the explanation that I don’t have much of a choice because I stay at home with the munchkins five days a week. But I’m going to come clean right now; that is an excuse

I have a new mantra that I’m going to use to help myself get out more: “I am not on house arrest. I am not chained to my sofa. I have a family, not leprous. I will go out!”

It just takes a great deal of motivation to get out the door some days.

I simply forget that I can do everything that I was capable of doing pre-kids it simply takes more planning. Every daily task takes a up to twice as long as it should and tends to cost more. I know that I’m a sucker, but if rewarding my son for good behavior at the grocery store costs me a box of fruit snacks I will gladly shell out the extra cash. Though other stores are much more deadly gauntlets, especially as the holiday seasons approach, with toys taunting him on every end cap and checkout lane. I have to negotiate the aisles carefully to avoid direct line of sight with anything that will light up, make noise or taste delicious. Don’t consider shopping a social activity? My days are spent catching up on the preschool escapades of my son and teaching my twins to say mama.

Any jaunt out my front door can be a challenge. But I am going to try harder. Facebook counts as half credit. Yes, I am able to keep up on the updates and I may know that my friend’s child just took his first steps, but I need to remember that I can invite them over to witness the event myself! There are definitely organized activities that make socializing easier: playgroups, First Friday and assorted squadron and base activities. I am vowing to attend some of these!

Other moms and families are easy to find, if you are willing to look. Being away from your hometown is just part of the gig of being a military spouse, but that doesn’t mean you can’t accumulate an assortment of friends and almost-family from all over the world. I know that I struggle because I do get attached very easily, and it’s hard to see friends go. Yet, I will not let that get in the way anymore.

Once I get a routine established actually getting back out into the world I will focus on the next goal: Getting out for a date night every now and then!