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Letters to the editor: Time for public officials to listen

We wish to thank the Clovis News Journal for its viewpoint to vote no on the jail and courthouse in last Sunday’s paper. I am so thankful someone has finally stood up to our public officials to the point they might just have to listen.

On numerous occasions, small groups of people have met with county and city leaders for things they felt the county and city had made the wrong decision on. But once the county and city officials have made up their minds, regardless how many people oppose or complain, they will just wear you down until you finally drop it.

Examples: four-way stop signs at schools, enforcing sidewalk and driveway right-of-ways, tying up trash, dog collars and so forth. We now have rules and regulations on the books that can’t be enforced.

Now, as for the jail and courthouse, these are not building problems but man-made problems. The next jail and courthouse that are built should be built to be adequate for 50 years at least. Some of our taxes we have now should have been retired, not added to other projects.

We will vote no for the jail and courthouse.