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Letters to the editor: Consultants agree jail outdated

Consultants agree jail outdated

It appears the Clovis News Journal and some citizens place most of the blame for the deficiencies at the courthouse and jail on past commissioners and past and current management.

I would like to interject this thought into the argument:

If we could get the U.S. Justice Department to find the finest jail manager and the best trained jail employees to manage our jail, we would still have a poorly designed jail with a 208-inmate capacity when we need a jail with a 300-inmate capacity.

Many consultants, including a detention center expert with the Association of Counties, concur that the detention center is of very poor design. Curry County spends over $500,000 per year housing inmates off site. I agree with the county commissioners that the current jail needs to be remodeled and enlarged.

Consultants hired to evaluate the problem at the courthouse have advised commissioners that it would cost more to remodel to bring the courthouse up to Americans with Disabilities Act standards and solve the problem of not being able to segregate judges, jurors, witnesses and visitors in the building, an obvious security problem.

I agree with the commissioners that we need to build a new courthouse.

If a majority of voters prefer to buy another roll of duct tape and a can of WD-40 to make a temporary fix on the courthouse and jail for $5 million, so be it.

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