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Reader submitted content: Local teachers recognized at state convention

The Roosevelt County Association of Educational Retirees, along with the Curry County retirees, hosted the Sixty-eighth Annual Convention of the New Mexico Association of Educational Retirees (NMAER) in Portales Oct. 1-2 in the Ball Room at ENMU.

NMAER was founded in 1942 as a voluntary, nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for its members and to fostering education at all levels for people of all ages.

NMAER champions the cause of public education as a national “equalizer” for improving family life in our nation.

Franklin and Marea Smith, the first married couple to both be recipients of the Golden Apple Award, were recognized for their exemplary teaching careers.

Barbara Bonahoom, president, presided at the general assembly. Sen. Timothy Jennings, president pro tempore, N.M. Legislature, gave the Keynote Address, “Pensions in New Mexico.” Ilana Boivie, director of programs, National Institute of Retirement Security, spoke on “National Pension Trends.” She clearly explained the difference between defined benefits (pensions) and defined contributions (401k plans).

Betty Rea & Dr. Rebecca Lutz brought information on “Reflections on Inter-views with Gubernato-rial Candidates.”

Barbara Bonahoom also presided over the Delegate Assembly Friday afternoon. Alice Pegues brought an excellent program of Remembrance for the 2010 deceased New Mexico educational retirees.

The Bella Vista Musicians from Clovis led us in hymns and they performed by singing and playing the violin and piano.

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