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My turn: Tex-Mex best of both worlds

In a recent political advertisement, Brian Colon, Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor, says of Republican gubernatorial candidate, Susana Martinez, “Susana es una Tejana!”

There’s that dirty “T” word I’ve heard many times.

Translation: Susana is a Texan. Might as well say, “Heaven forbid we allow a Texan in our Roundhouse!”

“Why,” I thought, “has there been a hate-hate relationship between New Mexican and Texans? And more specifically, between New Mexico’s Hispanos and Tejanos (Tex-Mexes)?” Sounds like a “divide and conquer” mentality by the dominating class.

One TV station pointed out that Democratic gubernatorial candidate, Diane Denish, is from Hobbs, a.k.a. “Little Texas.” I lived in Hobbs for five years and many Hobbsans had drawls as thick as Texans and wore boots and hats as big. In Hobbs, Texas was at the edge of town. We could purchase Texas Lotto and enjoy Hatch chile.

So why do Hispanos detest Tejanos? Mom married a Tejano and she was as northern New Mexico as they come. Born in Encino. Went to beauty school in Lubbock and met Dad, born in Karnes City, near San Antonio. This “Tejano” didn’t sit well with some “Hispanos” until they got to know Dad.

So can a Tejana be governor? Can a native Californian who grew up in Mexico City?

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